Website Features

Website Features

Our functional and attractive websites will introduce your products or services to a wider audience while presenting a professional image for your business. Responsive, fast and search engine friendly they will encourage your customers to take action with a number of interesting features. 

You can view all our website plans along with all their features in detail by clicking the following links:


Our hosting plan provides 5 GB web & mailbox storage and 100 GB of monthly traffic. However, you can increase those limits by getting the appropriate Addons. Moreover, a free SSL certificate will be provided by Let’s Encrypt. 

Click here in order to gain more information about our hosting features, policy, limitations and servers or here to learn more about our email policy.

Website Templates

Our website templates offer flexibility and functionality unlike any other. With plenty of designs to choose from, getting a website has never been easier.


Your website will perfectly adapt to any screen size so it's easy to use on mobile, tablet and desktop.


With Looksomething you are in full control of how your website looks, 24/7, without ever writing any line of code! 

You can easily change the colours of your menus, footers & headers, sliders, backgrounds, titles, tabs, menus, texts, borders, web player and plenty more. Moreover, you can upload logos, favicons & background images, apply dark or light themes and experiment with different colour combinations.
All those changes can be performed on your Admin Control Panel.

By using your Admin Control Panel you can create menus of unlimited depth and re-arrange them according to your liking directing your visitors to your website or to locations outside of it.

You can find more information about modifying your menus by clicking here.

Website URLs

Our websites enable you to display all your brand's social networking sites and any other website URLs of your choice to predetermined positions on your template's header and footer. 

You can find more information about URLs by clicking here.

HTML Supported Content

You can switch to HTML text editors and use your own custom code in order to add an even more personalised touch to your content.

General Views

General views allow you to create items (e.g. news articles, products, events etc.) that can be enriched with images & videos, custom or premade contact forms, location & date information etc. You can then group those items in categories and assign them to your website menu.

Along with General Views, a number of additional features are activated:

  • Comments

  • Media Galleries

  • Forms

  • Authors

  • Pricelists

You can learn more about General Views by clicking here.

Enterprise plans allow you to activate your own banner ads to advertise products, promote events & offers or monetise your website by selling banner ad space. You can view more information about mobile banner ads here.

Search Engine Friendly

All our websites are built with SEO in mind. We have already done the most work for you; responsive web design, search engine optimisation and fast loading speed. Feel free to visit this article in order to find out more about how you can perform better in search engines using our websites.

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