Switching to Looksomething

Switching to Looksomething

No matter if you already have mobile applications or a website, switching to Looksomething is simple and easy.

Mobile Apps

If you already have mobile applications published on application stores it is possible to switch to Looksomething without losing your existing users. The current version of your mobile apps will be replaced by our own and your users will simply have to install the new update, without having to download a new app again. 

However, in order to perform the update, specific information will be needed depending on each app store.

Already Having an Android App?

In case you already have an Android App on Google Play Store, we will need the following:

  1. Access to the Keystore file of the app & its password to unlock it. This will allow us to update the existing version to our own apps' version, via an update, without losing all the existing app users.

  2. The app will have to be hosted in your own Google Developer Account (in case it is not, you have to transfer it). In case you do not have one, the process is easy and costs only 25$. Learn the whole procedure here.

  3. You will have to provide us with Admin Access to your Google Developer Account. Learn how you can easily do this here.

Already Having an iOS App?

In case you already have an iOS App on Apple's App Store, we will need the following:

  1. The app must be hosted in your own Apple Developer Account (in case it is not, you have to transfer it). If you do not have your own Apple Developer Account, please see how you can create it here.

  2. We will need to be provided access to your Apple Developer Account. You can see how you can do it here.

Already having a Website?

If you already have a website then in order to switch to Looksomething you will have to point your domain at our Domain Nameservers (DNS), after the website is created from us.

In case you have questions or concerns, please email: info@looksomething.com or send us a message on the Live Chat for on-the-spot assistance.

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