Apple Developer Account (Organization)

Apple Developer Account (Organization)

An Apple Developer Account is required in order to host your branded app in the app store.

Do I really need it?

If you are planning to publish your mobile app to Apple App Store then enrolling on Apple's Developer Account Program is required.

Activating the account and providing us with access to it will allow us to publish your iOS app to the application store, monitor any issues and provide support when needed.

How much does it cost?

Creating and maintaining an Apple Developer Account costs 99$ USD per year, a cost paid directly to Apple.

Can I use the Apple Developer Account of

Unfortunately, no. Since 2018, Apple accepts iOS apps that are submitted on the Apple Developer Account of the app’s owner.

What types of Apple Developer Account there are?

There two main types of Apple Developer Account, Individual and Organization.

Creating an Apple Developer Account

In case you already own an Apple Developer Account, please move directly to Step #4.

The 5-step process:

  1. Create your Apple ID (if you don’t have one)

  2. Get a D-U-N-S Number for your company

  3. Enrol and pay the fee to Apple

  4. Provide with access to your account

  5. Convert your Individual Apple Developer Account into an Organization Account (only if needed)

Now, let’s dive into each one.

#1 Create your Apple ID

Creating an Apple Developer Account requires you to create an Apple ID.

Since the Apple Developer Account is going to be connected with your brand/company, we recommend you to create an Apple ID by using an email address that is owned by your company, and its inbox messages are monitored on a regular basis by you or staff of your company. Apple recommends using an email adress associated with the domain of your organization's website.

To create an Apple ID, you need to visit: and hit “Create your Apple ID”.

If you need assistance in the process, you may find more information here.

#2 Get a D-U-N-S Number for your company

If you already own one, please move to Step #3.

If you are not sure if you have one, or if you lost it, you can use

What is a D-U-N-S Number?

The D‑U‑N‑S Number is a unique nine-digit identifier for businesses, issued by Dun & Bradstreet.

Where do I need it?

In order to be able to enrol on Apple’s Developer Account as an Organization and provide with access to it, you need to get a D-U-N-S Number. With this unique number, Apple will identify your company’s identity.

How much does it cost?

Getting a D-U-N-S Number is totally free.

How can I get it?

You need to visit and start the process of requesting a D-U-N-S number via the Web.

What info do I need to provide?

You will be asked to submit the name, address and contact details of your company.

You will also view companies with similar names to yours. If you find your company listed, you may proceed with the recovery of your existing DUNS Number.

In the 2nd step, you will be asked to submit also some information about your organization such as the legal type of your company, the name of the executive, mailing address, number of employees, annual sales/revenue etc. where applicable.

What if I am the sole proprietor or non-profit company?

You can choose the type that best describes your company’s legal structure in the relevant field.

#3 Enroll and pay the fee to Apple

As soon as you get a D-U-N-S number, visit: and click “Enroll”.

  • scroll down to the bottom, and click “Start your Enrollment”.

  • log in with the Apple ID account’s credentials, you used in Step 1.

  • As soon as you logged in, choose to enrol as an Organization.

That’s it, mission accomplished!

#4 Provide with access to your account

After creating your Apple Developer Account, you will need to provide us with access so that we can publish your iOS app in App Store. Since you have an Organization Account you can follow the next steps.

IMPORTANT: If your Apple Developer Account is enrolled as an individual, then you are not able to provide with access to your account. So, you must convert it to an Organization Account. Please move to Step #5 for more information.

Sharing Access:

  • Log in to your Apple Developer Account and navigate to “People” from the left side of your screen.

  • Send over an invitation to share access to and provide Admin rights to our account.

  • Then, go to the App Store Connect, and click the blue “+” icon and add us as the admin user of your account.

  • The first name is “Nikos” and the last name is “Nasiokas”. The email address is as shown in the following screenshot.

  • Please do not forget to send us an email at: and give us:

    1. the name of your Apple Developer Account (as it is stated on the top right corner of your dashboard)

    2. the name of your mobile app in Looksomething

    3. the email you are using for logging in your Apple Developer Account

Important: Please note that you have to send this invitation from both your Apple Developer and your iTunes accounts and make sure is designated as Admin. This will allow us to gain access to your Apple Developer Account with certain restrictions. You can learn more about Team Roles here.

#5 Converting your Individual Apple Developer Account into an Organization Account

Why should I convert my existing Individual Apple Developer Account?

As we already mentioned, there two main types of Apple Developer Account, Individual and Organization.

In case you already have an Ιndividual Apple Developer Account, then you are not able to provide access to via an invitation to connect.

Sharing access to your account via an Invitation is eligible only for Organization Accounts.

Why should have access to my Apple Developer Account? needs to have full access to your Apple Developer Account, so that we can proceed to the development of your iOS app, and be also able to update the app in the future and provide with technical support for it.

How can I check what type of Apple Developer Account I have?

You have to visit and log in to your account. Then, go to "Membership" tab that is located in the left part of your screen.

Afterwards, check the line "Entity Type" as shown in the screenshot below:

If it mentions "Company/Organization" then you are able to grant access to as described in Step #4, and so you must follow the relevant process mentioned in that paragraph.

If it is "Individual", then you cannot provide us access to your Apple Developer Account, and thus you need to convert your account into an "Organization" account.

Will I have any charges for changing the type of my account?

Changing the type of your Apple Developer Account is totally free, and will not affect the annual cost of your membership, which will remain 99$/year.

Converting your Apple Developer Account into an Organization-type

The steps that need to be followed for the conversation of your account are:

Let us describe in detail the steps mentioned above

Please read all the relevant information about this at Step #2

#5.2 Contact Apple's Support Department

As soon as you obtain your D-U-N-S Number, you should contact Apple's Support Department, to ask them change the type of your account.

You have to go to: and:

  1. Click Contact us on the left side menu

  2. Select "Membership and Account"

  3. Select "Program enrollment"

  4. Select "Send Email"

  5. Type the following message:

"Hello Apple's Support!

My name is (the CEO's/Owner's/Founder's name) and I would like to convert my Apple Developer Account from Individual to an Organization.

Here is the information regarding my company:

Company Name: Your Company's Legal Name, including Ltd or Inc

Founder's Name: First and Last Name of the Organization's founder.
Account Type: Organization
D-U-N-S Number: your Company’s DUNS number

Organization's Website URL: your Company’s website URL. Please note that the website must be publicly available, and the domain name must be associated with your organization.
Address: Your Company’s Legal Address
Phone Number: The phone where you can be reached by Apple's Support Experts. Keep in mind that they will drop you a call in the working hours of USA. So, you should better give them a number that you are 24/7 available.

Please respond to my inquiry as soon as possible, as I am in rush with my iOS app.

Kind Regards,

Founder's name"

What happens next?

After you will send this, you will receive in your Apple ID's / Apple Developer Account's email adress a message from an Apple's operator, asking you to follow some steps for the completion of the process. In case you feel troubled or have any concerns, feel free to email us directly at: or send us a message on the Live Chat of our website.

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