Google Developer Account

Google Developer Account

A Google Developer Account allows you to publish your Android app under your own brand.

When do I need it and how much does it cost?

In case your purchased plan (Android Single App, Bundle Apps & Full Pack) includes an Android mobile app then you can choose whether we will upload it to your Google Developer Account or ours. In case you will not notify our team at: , the Android app will be submitted on our own Google Developer Account right after the submission of the apps' information.

Creating your own Google Developer Account requires a one-time 25$ USD registration fee, a cost that must be paid directly to Google.

How to give Access to Looksomething Team?

After registering for a Google Developer Account you need to invite Looksomething to have access to your Account, so that we can develop and submit your Android app on the Google Play Store.


  • Open: & login to your account

  • On the left menu, go to "Users and permissions".

  • Click on the "Invite new users"

  • Do not add an expiry date, as we need to have access to your app to support it and update it on a regular basis, with all the latest fixes

  • Provide us with Admin Rights

Last & most important step

In order we get notified that you have given us access to your Google Developer Account, you have to send an email at and provide your:

Only after this step is completed, will we be able to submit your Google Applications to your Developer Account.

How to transfer an Android App to another Google Developer Account:

If you are a new client of Looksomething and have an Android App already, you can easily transfer your Android App from one Google Developer Account to another.

How to do it:

  1. Login to the Google Developer Account that currently hosts the app here.

  2. Search the term "App Transfer" on the search bar

  3. Then, click at the result "App Transfer"

  4. Fill out the required fields:

    1. Current owner's full name: (the full name of the Account holder

    2. Developer account email address: (the email adress of the account where needs to be transferred)

    3. New account transaction ID: The transaction ID of the developer account to which the apps are being transferred. To find the transaction ID, search the target account owner's email inbox for 'developer registration fee'.

    4. Reason for transfer: Select the one that best applies

  5. Select the app that is to be transferred and submit your transfer request

In case you want to transfer an Android app to Looksomething's Google Developer Account, the relevant information to be filled are:

  1. Developer account email address:

  2. New account transaction ID: 05912476870148976978.token.1903141436087028

After the transfer is completed, please send an email at: informing that the process is completed, so that your Account Manager will proceed to the relevant actions needed.

I can't find my Transaction ID

There are 2 ways of finding your transaction ID:

  1. You can sign in to your Google Payments Account with the email of your Google Developer Account. Then, you have to go to the tab "Activity" and check out the "Google Play" which was the transaction for your payment of the Google Developer Account. Inside it, you will find the Transaction ID, which is a long query of numbers. Copy it and use it where necessary.

  2. Alternatively, you can easily locate your transaction ID by navigating to your Google Wallet and logging in to your account. Once logged in, browse for your purchase or use the search function to locate it. After finding the order, click on it to open the transaction details page for the order. Look on the right side of the page for a ‘Transaction’ code. This is the Transaction ID for your order.

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