Mobile App Features

Mobile App Features

Supported Versions & OS compatibility

Our mobile applications are natively developed to ensure the best user experience on mobile & tablet devices. We take great pride in developing apps that run seamlessly on 99% of current iOS & Android devices, supporting versions 9.0 and 4.1 onward, accordingly.

Adaptive Android App Icons

Android 8.0 introduced adaptive launcher icons, which can display a variety of shapes across different device models. It is a totally new way of formatting and submitting app icons since they can be cut down into a variety of shapes depending on the device or launcher a person is using.
For example, an adaptive launcher icon can display a circular shape on one device and squircle icon on another one. 

News System

Enterprise & Network plans allow you to connect live RSS feeds in order to share content either from your webpage or your General Views. You can then create menu categories and subcategories and add RSS Feeds in order to keep your app users updated with the latest news.

However, your RSS Feed needs to be in a certain format so that your articles can be properly displayed; please click here for more information on the matter.

Enterprise and Network plans allow you to activate your own full-screen interstitial (start-up) or banner (footer) ads to advertise products, promote events & offers or monetise your apps by selling banner ad space. Please note that while you can have only one interstitial ad you can have as many banner ads as you want since they will rotate indefinitely. You can view more information about mobile banner ads here.


With LookSomething you are in full control of how your mobile applications look. You can easily change the colours of your menus, backgrounds, titles, tabs, menus, texts, borders, mobile player and plenty more. Moreover, you can upload logos & background images, apply dark or light themes and experiment with different colour combinations. 

All those changes can be performed on your Admin Control Panel.

Customisable Menus

By using your Admin Control Panel you can create menus of unlimited depth and re-arrange menu items according to your liking.

You can find more information about modifying your menus here.

Social Media, Contact Details, Emails & Websites

Our mobile applications enable you to add all your brand’s social networking sites in WebView, meaning that your mobile app users will be able to view them without leaving your app.

What is more, in your about section you can add as many website URLs, phone numbers & emails as you want enabling users to directly call and email you.

HTML Supported Content

Advanced users can switch to HTML text editors and use their own custom code in order to add an even more personalised touch to their onsite content.

App Analytics

Your Control Panel allows you to get a quick glance on your total downloads per operating system (iOS & Android). However, you can view far more detailed statistics by accessing App Google Analytics; mobile devices, demographics etc. Feel free to read our relevant article for more information on the matter.

Update to latest stable version in each renewal

Developing a user-friendly and state-of-the-art mobile app in one thing. However, it is vital to keep your apps updated, free of bugs and periodically include new features for your users in order to enhance their experience or even new tools to help you efficiently manage your brand. 

In Looksomething, we make sure your mobile apps are always up to the latest trends and always up-to-date providing a free update to our latest version on each yearly renewal of your subscriptions.

Unlimited downloads

There are absolutely no limits on the number of downloads on all operating systems, iOS or Android. You can simply grow your user base without hidden charges or limitations.

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