Video streaming & Live TV

Video streaming & Live TV

Even if our mobile apps do not support native video players it is possible to add your live TV or video streaming URLs. This can be easily done using your Admin Control Panel.


The first option includes hosting your video on a web page (e.g. your website) and then adding the video streaming URL in URLs section of your control panel. Please note that your video web address needs to be the source URL (video streaming URL) of the video (not the URL of the page containing the video player).

Lastly, your video streaming must be provided in a supported format by Android & iOS operating systems.

The URLs feature is available on all mobile plans.

Video Galleries

You may also use your Admin Control Panel to create video galleries in Manage Galleries and then assign them to menu items, general views items, your about section etc. However, using that second method, you may only use videos that are already hosted on Vimeo or YouTube.

Manage Galleries & Galleries features are available only to plans where General Views are enabled.

No matter which option you choose users will be able to watch videos without leaving the mobile app, in WebView

In either case, you need to keep in mind that you firstly need to host your video on another web page (e.g. your website, YouTube etc.) and then add it to your mobile app. 

If you have any further enquiries please do not hesitate to contact us on live chat.

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