Radio Station Solution

Radio Station Solution

Our Radio Solution is specifically designed for FM, AM or internet radio stations wishing to stay in touch with their listeners at all times. 

Our easy-to-use mobile radio apps are exclusively designed for Radios and are natively developed to ensure the best user experience on each platform.

What are the current plans for radio stations?

At the moment, there are 4 plans available for iOS & Android apps each one with different features that cater to every need and pocket. You can acquire each plan separately or take advantage of the discount offered on our Bundle Apps (iOS & Android) plans. 

What is more, we have numerous Addons that you can use to increase your mobile apps & website functionality and enrich your listeners' experience.

Which is the recommended plan?

Feel free to test our Enterprise Plan and enrich it with the AdMob addon during the Checkout process, and monetize your radio mobile apps! Let Google find advertisers for your mobile apps, and show to each user ads that he is eager to click according to his cookie activity.

Thus, you are being paid and earn money from your mobile apps.

In case you have a multi-station , or radio network feel free to try our Network Solution, and create a multi-station/radio directory mobile app combining all these radio stations in a single app! Monetization through AdMob addon is also available.

In order to learn more about our radio solution feel free to view the following video or click here to learn more about our pricing & full features.

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