What is a native mobile app?

What is a native mobile app?

Looksomething develops native mobile apps for iOS & Android operating systems, in order to ensure the best user experience on each platform. 

But what is exactly a native mobile app?

To begin with, native mobile apps are developed for specific mobile platforms (e.g. iOS or Android) using particular programming languages and technologies. They can take full advantage of each device's features and because of that, they provide optimised performance and a high degree of reliability.

Advantages of native mobile apps

So why developing a native app is the right thing to do? The reason is that they have a number of significant advantages over alternatives.

Native Look & Feel

Native apps offer the fastest, most reliable and most responsive experience to users. Applications behave like they belong to each device.

Easy to tap into wider functionality

Native apps make switching into the other device's software e.g. microphone super easy.

Push Notifications

Native apps can make use of push notifications, an effective way to communicate directly with your mobile app users and remind them to use your app, which is key to a successful app.

Matching UI/UX to specific platforms

You’re more likely to please your users due to the way you can match user interface & experience to specific platforms.

Support & Security

Native apps get full support from app stores and marketplaces. Users can easily find, download & install the mobile apps of their choice from these stores. Moreover, because these apps always get the approval of the app store they are intended for, users can be assured of the complete safety and security of the app.

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