What is an RSS Feed?

What is an RSS Feed?

A RSS (Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary) feed is a XML-based format for your content, that revolutionised the way that users interact with content online.

It allows users to easily stay informed by retrieving the latest content from the sites they are interested in. Instead of checking back every day to any particular site to see if it's been updated, RSS feeds give users the ability to simply subscribe to the RSS feed and then read the updates from the site, delivered via RSS feeds.

Keeping your app users updated with RSS Feeds

More and more people are trying to stay informed on the go, through a variety of mobile devices. Looksomething mobile solutions allow to import your blog posts or site feeds into your mobile apps to seamlessly update your readers with the latest news. Whenever you start publishing posts, your latest posts will be updated through the RSS feed, in your mobile apps.

If you have multiple categories, in certain plans you may also consider offering separate RSS feed categories. This way, your readers can view the content they are most interested in.

How do I import RSS Feeds to my mobile apps?

You can easily import RSS Feeds into your mobile app by using your Admin Control Panel. What is more, you will firstly need to make sure that your RSS Feed is in the required format, otherwise it might not be properly displayed in your app. You can find more information about RSS feeds and view our video tutorials, here

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