Instant Update - Rebranding

Instant Update - Rebranding

Even though most of the content, settings and graphics of your mobile apps & websites can be modified using your Admin Control Panel there are certain elements that can only be modified by our development team.

What are those elements?

A. Mobile Apps

  • App Store Icon

  • App Store Name

  • App Store Description

  • App Store Screenshots

  • App Store Keywords (applicable only to iOS apps)

B. Website

  • Switching email servers

  • Changing Domain Name

What is more, by getting an Instant Update your mobile apps and your website will also be updated to the latest stable version, if there is one.

How much does an Instant Update cost?

An Instant Update includes updating to the latest version with all the available fixes and features along with any number of changes in the elements mentioned above

The required fees are the following and depend on your plan:

  • 30€ - Single App (iOS & Android App)

  • 90€ - Website

  • 60€ - Bundle Apps (iOS & Android Apps)

  • 150€ - Full Pack (Mobile Apps & Website)

What is the process?

You can proceed to an Instant Update by logging into your account and navigating to the relevant tab. In case you have multiple subscriptions you will need to first select the one you are getting the Instant Update for. Then you will have to select the platform(s) you want to perform the Instant Update to, complete the checkout process and submit all the requested information, in case you wish to perform any element changes. You can submit the form as many times as you want before we begin performing the requested changes; we will only take into consideration the last submission. 

How long does it take?

Instant Update will commence 7 days after a successful payment and only if you have submitted all the required information within that interval. Once we begin performing the Instant Update it will take a maximum of 15 days to be completed; however, this is only an estimate and it will most likely be completed earlier. 

Please note that your mobile applications and website will not be unpublished for the whole duration of the update.

You can also refer to our Terms & Conditions, Paragraph 11 for additional information on the matter.

Is Instant Update the only way to perform all the above?

Every time you renew your yearly subscription, we will update your mobile apps and website to our latest stable version, if there is one. During that time you can also request certain element changes, without any extra cost.

However, you need to make sure all required info is sent to at least 10 days before the updating begins.

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