Bit Rates

Bit Rates

Audio Streaming Quality

In case your audio streaming quality is poor you need to check your streaming bit rate. For example, a 32 Kbps bit rate will result in low audio quality over Wi-Fi. You can contact your streaming provider in order to get a better streaming quality and then update your Admin Control Panel with your new streaming URL. 

Please note, that the audio quality greatly depends on the specifications of each device. 

Can I have more than one streaming URL for my radio station(s)?

Looksomething provides you with the ability to add up to two audio streams so that your app users can easily switch between them e.g. different bit rate qualities.

From where can I change my streaming URL?

Changing your streaming URL can be easily done by visiting your Admin Control Panel. Depending on your radio solution plan feel free to visit the following articles for more information:

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